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Teraisa J. Rogers
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Suzanne, how about Pat Brown? She does everything for free, but takes donations, which we can perhaps ask on my website or on all these boards for everyone to be kind and maybe send a dollar to Pat to cover expenses.

Pat Brown is NOT a psychic, but she is an expert profiler. She profiled two cases I have worked/am working on: Emily Jeanette Garcia and Ricky Dyer.

Any new updates? Can I help you by doing anything else?



Editor: True Crime Fanatic, Get It In Writing! and Reality Bytes @ RealityWhore.com
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The only obvious crime here is that of deceiving the public at large. Tammy's disappearance was a planed vanishing act.

She was groomed by her Mother to enter the sex for sale industry. In so doing it is common practice to change ones identity for protection of oneself, family and friends. Identity change is a common practice from playboy bunnies to hardcore prostitutes.

She probably went through their lawyer consultant, Walter Lebowitz of south east Florida, the Fort Lauderdale, Miami area, for a legal identity change that may have included a social security number change. It's possible to get a SS# change under certain conditions. A web search on Walter will turn up results indicating he was disbarred from the Florida Bar association years later, where the reasons for such are perhaps relevant.

Walters place was where she went after her supposed blowup on the Scarface set (technically she was not even on the set of the chainsaw bathtub scene.) It was probably also Walters place where Tammy wanted Keith to take her, so to pick up her new ID and perhaps pay Walter for his service (re: the money she got from Keith.)

The supposed death threats were never real but perhaps the death threat act that evolved over a year or twos time helped to convince and qualify her for a SS# change. I know that the death threat originated from something Tammy overheard me say and that the "becoming a nurse" also originated from something I told Linda about myself regarding the suside death of my best friend at the age of 15.

The police never really looked for her because she went to them with whatever legal requirements she needed, to request they respect her privacy as an adult of sound mind. It's possible and likely that her mother/agent went with her for this initial effort. It was a detective Scraggs whom they dealt with on this matter. The Glass Bank, where Keith supposedly dropped her off, is walking distance to the CBPD, where Tammy would go if she needed to supply them with documentation of having sound mind, after her 72 hour evaluation period. Though I later saw her at Keiths place.

Given her mother/agents business of being a child talent agent, it only makes since that disconnecting herself publicly from her mothers business was an obvious thing to do. Though Linda, her Mother, did benefit from Tammy's career change. Of course Linda being the Talent Agent she was, made use of the "Missing White Woman Syndrome" (see wikipedia) for publicity, in addition to any monies Tammy gave her mother.

There are those who have known this, besides the police, of course Linda knew, Wing knows, Keith knows as well as a Wally E.. Wally's place was where Tammy was supposedly picked up by the police to be taken in for 72 hr. psychiatrist evaluation.... for establishing she is of sound mind?

Who am I to know this? Unlike her three sisters, or even her brother, I was around when all this evolved and happened. I was around enough to now know this is not only what happened but that she took advantage of the situation and her "hiding" (cowards hide) to try to inflict guilt trips on others who did not respond or support her in a manner she expected them to. Of those who received mysterious phone calls at Tammy's hand but NEVER an honest communication with Tammy, include her sister Debbie, her aunt Ginger and myself of which I have received tons of such calls over the years and reminders every few year. Clearly Tammy either didn't understand or care to understand why I couldn't respond to her. Many many years later it was identified I suffer post-traumatic stress disorder associated to the loss of my best friend (mentioned above) and therefor had and have difficulty with developing close relationships. But I, to Tammy and her mother, was nothing more than a training tool for Tammy's grooming, so of course there was no genuine concern or care about me from either of them, just someone to use and abuse.

Her sister, Suzanne, whom claims to have never met Tammy, due to adoption as a baby. Has no legal claim, due to the adoption, unless and only if Tammy herself has assigned Suzanne such rights.

Interestingly enough, Suzanne picked up exactly where Linda left off, when she passed away, in running interference to hide the truth while promoting the illusion of an innocent missing girl.

Tammy is far from being innocent, she is a professional, probably highly paid, prostitute. And she likes driving White Corvettes. Under the umbrella of Escort Services, prostitution is legal in all 50 states. Its only a matter of proper client/hooker protocol, and I'd imagine she had and has her own client based originating out of the contacts she made in the years prior to her vanishing act.

According to something said to me by a CBPD detective (Lewis) once on the case, now retired. The police file details of this case will not be made public for fifty years after the last remaining involved person has passed away. (note that at the time this was communicated, copyright limitations were just this. 50 years after authors death.)

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My name is suzanne.I am tammy lynn lepperts sister.The FDLE and CBPD just confirmed again who I am.a True just wrote on my sister tammy lynn lepperts thread under other missing persons.He has been considered as a person of interest in my sisters case and he has been questioned and he himself has told us and posted at other places he threatened to kill tammy.The police are not going by any adoption legal issues.They have for over 13 years and do today use me as the family contact through the police and the FDLE as the family member.I have reported him to the CBPD and the FDLE,He is not a friend of tammy's and did not really know her.I would like to report him also as being very disrespectful to my sister on this post he just did to my sister.I do not appreciate him calling my sister a prostitute.He should have been calling the police with this information.Not trying to slander her on different message boards.This was very disrespectful.If you know anything at all on tammy.Please contact me her sister at suzannec4444@yahoo.com.

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Suzanne, If I am of interest to the authorities then it is only because I speak the truth. But they can't even seem to find one of their own. A police officer who didn't know me for but maybe 15 minutes before she broke the law and threatened me, and there were witnesses to this. So what did Tammy and/or Linda tell this officer that would provoke officer Shoemaker to do this?

Its been over 25 years. Tammy was with Keith after she was reported missing and even later I saw her at a bar, the timing of which makes it clear that she was not pregnant at the time of her vanishing act, unless she got an abortion. Others have reported seeing her as well.

Further more I have no problem signing an affidavit regarding these or what I have said about Tammy going out on a date and her mother (your birth mother) telling Tammy to get some money out of the guy. Tammy responding with "What do you want me to do?" and Linda replying "What ever it takes". While Tammy had a cold sore on her upper lip and later Linda told me Tammy had a yeast infection. About this time she showed me a picture of Tammy and you and your twin. Yet you claim to never have met Tammy.

And there is Walter Lebowitz, their lawyer consultant mentioned in one of the newspaper articles I believe (where Tammy went upon leaving the scarface set.) Only my research seems to be showing that he was disbarred in 1974 probably for selling a child for $10,000. If so, then legally he couldn't be practicing law at the time. But this barred Walter Lebowitz has been exposed as someone posing to be doing so since.

You Suzanne have been exposed as a liar to a number of people, and you have been caught by me lying about me to many times. The media stories can't seem to get on the same page as to what the fabricated story is. And you showed up right when Linda exited... how convenient.

Tammy is a prostitute. Keith knows it as does Wing and Wally. And of course your birth mother knew. And there are others who as well know, Including apparently you.

And it is very clear that you are doing exactly what your birth mother did. Running interference to hide the truth while promoting an illusion. This suggest you know and are in touch with Tammy. And this would also explain some of your in depth knowledge you have expressed that you could not otherwise know.

You seem to persist with finding a dead sister. So what is she going to be dead of Suzanne? STD's? Genetic issues? But it does seem very clear that whenever her life ends, she will be cremated as an final act of hiding evidence of the truth. Isn't that right Suzanne?

The reason why your twin sister is not involved in this is because she is a police officer and as such is bound by the same legal privacy request of Tammys as is the CBPD and the FDLE, etc... Isn't that Right Suzanne?

As to the supposed death threat you are referring to. You know as well as Tammy and Linda, that what was said was not anymore a serious threat than a parent saying "I'm gonna kill her" regarding being angry with their child or a kid saying their parents are going to kill them if they find out.....

Taking things out of context is an act of dishonesty. You are guilty of that. Perhaps Tammy is to.

But this idea of believing it was a serious threat does not follow that Linda would tell me "You'd better kiss her" in referring to Tammy. I didn't and what followed was her supposedly breaking a window and in a matter of days, to get out of 72 observation,... vanishing.

More that I will sign an affidavit on is my overhearing Wing and Linda talking after Tammy was reported missing. "Would Tim (me) risk my life for Tammy? Better yet, would he risk Tammy's? No! Imagime how Tim is going react when he figures it out."

And Wally's response to my mentioning that I had place an ad to Tammy. "Are you trying to get her killed? You like having sex with dead people?"

If I ever seriously considered killing Tammy (never happened) there would certainly be no need to now. As all things considered its clear that legal recourse for the trouble she has caused me with this apparent obsession she has had with me, would be much more satisfactory.

On a matter of real. Why have you not listened to me in what I have been telling you about Tammy? Shouldn't you have a better idea as to where to be looking for her? But then I and others know you are not really looking for her.

So I am of interest? To who and why?
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Mr TR.I will not discuss this any more on these boards.It is disrespectful to tammy.what you are saying is not the truth.It just what you think.Not every one else.If you know where she is please say so and call the police because no one really knows what happened to tammy and what you are saying is not helping to find her.I have done nothing to you but try and be nice to you.People on these boards you have just written are reporting you because it does not sound stable.Some things need to be left for the police and FDLE to handle ok?

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The twins she showed you were found out not to be her twins.Just she thought they were.This will be the last I will say on this.This is tammy's story on the board I made for her.You were questioned by the police and will be again.The police did not discuss things with you.The FDLE and the CBPD just verified who I am again.This was all known over 13 years ago.We have the same birth mother.the police have worked with me for over 13 years to find tammy.I am the family contact the police contact with information on tammy.They contact me.Not you.I am family.The people on these boards are reporting you because you do not sound stable.I tried to be your friend and talk to you.I'm sorry you felt the need to do this.

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Tammy board I made special to help find her.

T. Rue
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The reason I'm doing what I am is simply because the police cannot, due to the privacy request of Tammy's. And I am in my rights being very tired of this matter being brought into my life over and over by someone who is apparently obsessed with reminding me.

Referring this matter to the police is in fact a "cop-out" in the absolute  fullest since of the term. I know this because they have had plenty enough information from me for something around 24 years. Enough to know I haven't really told them anything new this year. The difference is that I finally want to know the truth more than I want to believe Tammy was better than this, and that this year I was finally given enough feedback to get me to think it all through enough to realize the truth of her genuine career choice.
No more cop-outs!!!

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I don't want to fight about it.I just want to find tammy.I think we need to think of tammy.It's been two and a half decades.I feel if she was alive someone,somewhere would have seen her and said something by now and as far as I know no one has.I do agree with you if she is alive shereally does  need to tell the police so she is not listed as a missing person any more.so people do not have to look for her dead any where as unidentified homicide victims any more.If you know something please call police and let them know.Detective Cooper is on tammy's case now with the CBPD.I just want to know something also true.I really don't know what to do any more.

T. Rue
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There is a matter of a privacy right request to deal with.
How to remove the gag from the mouths of the authorities?

Got any ideas?

I'd imagine officer Shoemaker has something to do with this, if she is still employed as an officer of the law, or not.

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I do not think the police are hiding anything.I really believe they do not know where she is.

T. Rue
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Who, what, where, when and why as the five reporter questions.
Who she is...
What she is...
Where she is...
When she is...
and why...

Thats a lot of things to apply plausible deniably with.

Tammy Lynn Leppert is a name detached from the person in a legal name change.

But a privacy rights respect request makes asking the right question such as "who is she? what is her legal name?"  irrelevant.
But not asking the right question helps one who does not want to, or legally cannot answer, to not lie, technically.

It is also possible that they do not know where she is currently but also don't have to ask someone who does know. This too, would be plausible deniably.  

I find it very telling that they couldn't seem to acknowledge or find officer Shoemaker. If Linda was being honest with me about officer Shoemaker, that Shoemaker first came to Linda's business undercover to investigate Linda's business than that could or would suggest VICE, right?  That should have given them enough of a clue to find officer Shoemaker if they needed a clue at all.

I find it equally telling that the FDLE agent assumed Walter Lebowtiz was probably passed away when I talked with him, mentioned Walter to him. Shouldn't he know rather than assume?

Its very clear to me that they have, metaphorically speaking, a gag in their mouths. And since I no longer have any reason to believe any sort of witness protection program, that only leaves the possibility of privacy rights request respected as law dictates.

And as such they will support anything that supports their legal position.

If there is anything to be realized about this matter it is that there have been lots and lots of head games. And this is because at the very center, the very core of this matter, there are head games generated by Tammy herself. And Linda most certainly contributed as I know in hindsight, as a matter of fact.

So, how to take the legal gag out of the mouths of the authorities?
How to change their legal position?

There is a way to do it.  But it requires proof that Tammy has used her hiding position to break the law.


Carly L and Natasha T
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Hello, we are very sorry to hear about Tammy, we were looking at a missing persons web site and we came across your sister. We read her story and it really shocked us, we live in the UK and kidnapping dosent really happen very much here. We are sooooo sorry to hear about Tammy and wish you all the luck in the world on finding something out about her.
carly (13) and Natasha (14)
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I am not a known psychic. But since I was a child I have had visions, these visions most of the time are accurate.

When I first saw a picutre of Tammy Lynn Leppert the first thing that popped in my mind was her on pay phone. I was to read later that she used a pay phone by a bank before she disappeared. When I think of that day I don't see her by a bank but in the outside back of a store. I see her wating for someone I see a small struggle but I see her pushing a guy and walking away. I don't feel that it ended her life. I feel she did leave flordia but not the day she disappeared, I also keep seeing her on a boat with permed hair were a bathing suit in the colors of white and gold trim. The one thing I have felt was the day of her disapperance was not the last day she contacted a family member. I see her talking to a female cousin about 8 weeks after her disapperance. Did tammy know a guy named Greg? The name Greg keeps coming to me he would be tall and thin with brownish hair. Also when Tammy left the house that day I think she knew she wasn't coming back.
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Linda Curtis filed the police report at Cocoa Beach Police department, where it and the Court House is walking distance from the glass bank.

Linda was not in the car to see where Tammy got out, but she was back in Rockledge where they were living, where she supposedly last saw Tammy. The reason she went to Cocoa Beach Police Department was because she and Tammy had previous dealings and connections with the CBPD. There was even a matter of a probation Tammy had to serve which means the police had all teh information they needed already about Tammy, though they became ignorant that day about details regarding Tammy and remain so even today.

The police report was filed out supposedly based on what Keith told Linda, but it was done by Linda non the less. It was also Linda whom had the Florida Today newspaper staff writer contact Billy Cox, whom wrote previous articles on Tammy's career as well as stories of her missing. Linda was a Talent Agent/Scout and had Galaxy (a Barbizon franchise ?) and as such she had developed contact in the industry from even back when she was a Beauty Queen (Yes Linda was a Beauty Queen and once held the title of "Miss Hav-A-Tampa".)

Anyways it was through Linda's efforts to promote missing Tami that she got a spot on Unsolved mysteries and later a improved version with a so called reenactment.

The common factor here is whos hand is behind the promotion and story line.
The story line is filled with un-named theys and what and hear-says and these all are tools of cons, leaving the viewing public to make believe to fill in the blanks.

There is a lot people who do not know Tammy or Linda of Wing , etc... that have said plenty that is not true and denied anything the goes against the promoted story line.

Walter Lebowitz is a disbarred Florida Lawyer but he is where Tammy went upon leaving the Scarface set. Point is they had consultation from a person educated in the law and its manipulation. He was disbarred in the 70's as you can find with an internet search.

The police are under a gag order as the vanishing act was planned and they (Tammy and her mother and co.) went through legal means to get the gag order (as Walter would had advised them to do). Tammy even obtained evidence of sanity per the judges order (and since Linda herself delt with mental institutes she knew what was needed and how to get it.)

Suzanne and her twin sister Sandra were adopted out at around age one, as this was during a time when Linda was dealing with a mental institute as a patient and not believe to be able to take care of the twins. Suzanne claims to have never met Tammy or Linda though Sandra is or was a member of Law Enforcement and as such she is bound by the same gag order and as such you will never hear from Sandra on this matter.

To believe what is promoted from the unsolved mysteries episodes is to believe who?
Linda, as all the material unsolved mysteries is based on was generated by ....Linda.

The Police know Linda lied about a lot of things.... But they are under a gag order.

The promotion itself is an intentional mystery and misdirection. Pretty much the promotion of the exact opposite of what really happened and where viewers might look.

Poor innocent missing child (Linda initially tried to promote Tammy as being 17, not an adult, when she vanished - though the police had probation information showing otherwise). Tammy as a call girl is the opposite of poor innocent child and as the police are under a gag order, she is not really missing though she did get an identity change and probably why Keith gave her $300 and Tammy wanted him to take her down south Florida (Walters place to pick up the new ID and pay him).

There are a lot of people who do not know Tammy but from only the media. They have nothing to contribute to the honesty of what happened. But there are those of us who did know Tammy, family and friends and what accumulation of information has come from these people, supports a planned vanishing act and prostitution, even prior to the vanishing act. From fantasizing and thinking about doing so as a kid to first hand experience of those who were played, deceived in order to build momentum of the danger story.

Why? Simply because there was a need to separate Tammys call girl career from Lindas Child based talent business in the publics eyes.

Linda later got recognition from Life magazine for being one of the countries top Child Talent agents/scouts. This could not have happened had the truth been known.

While there is the general public that may have resistance to the hard reality of what happened, I'm certain that within the show business industry there are those who would not be so surprised.

As a comparison base of what the media can promote and the general public believe.
Perhaps someday we will find WMD in Iraq and that in comparison to this matter?

As an example of Linda Curtis promotional talent, She managed to get a show by the name "Real People" to do a segment on Wing. Of those you will see in the segment are Wings father, Patrick Flanagan whom himself is a notable person and his then girl friend, Suzanne Strausberg (Lee Strausberg daughter. For those who do not know, Lee is well known for training actors and IIRC, method acting). As a piece of trivia, in that segment there is a pencil drawing of Wing, drawn by myself and based on a photo of Wing that was in a Galaxy talent catalog.

It is not unreasonable to believe Tammy herself may very well have participated and be in online promotions of the cover story and even message threads. Even here.

This calculation is based on a matter of mysterious calls that number far beyond the wrong number excuse that friends and family have received over the years and believed to be from Tammy. For her to be doing that, she'd likely be online too. And in hindsight there are those who might even believe she was doing so at times under the guise of Suzanne. Perhaps and likely even through Suzannes online accounts.

And that would be fitting of the practice of promoting the opposite of what is, how?
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