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Marie Parker
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Dear Robert,

It is only 48 hours until Missing Person's Day here in New York. I cannot tell you the feelings & emotions that come along with this event...CUE's Road Trip was just here Tuesday!
I am looking forward to meeting you, finally being able to thank you in person for the support you have given to me & our search for my friend Audrey.
Have a safe flight my friend.

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I also enjoyed meeting you. I wish I had the time there to talk in length with everyone. At least we were able to meet and talk for a short time. Maybe someday, we will be involved in another event together.

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Hello Robert,

My thoughts of Rachel lingered this past weekend & I had no real chance to talk with you since MP Day here in NY. Wanted to let you know it was a pleasure meeting you & I only wish the miles were not so great between us. Hoping your Run/Walk for Rachel goes well & please know if able I would walk a thousand miles to help you.
Prayers for Rachel & please take care of yourselk my friend.

Searching for Audrey...Marie

PS- You took the words right out of my mouth about the young student(Audrey Seiler) & the hoax she led...she should be held accountable for her actions- there are those of us out here Truly searching...she wasted precious time that could have been spent on another missing person..."WHERE'S AUDREY MAY HERRON???"
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